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Cha Cha Johnson - graphics artist

Dear Ron,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your professionalism during the sale of my home in Asheville.  I have bought and sold many homes over the years and never had such an easy time of it.  Candor and discretion are two traits that are so important when involved in a real estate transaction. You have both and I really am impressed with you.  Additionally, you proved to be very flexible and more than willing to go the extra mile.  Again, thanks, Ron. I will be happy to recommend you to anyone that I can.
Best wishes,
Cha Cha

Tracey Turner - writer

Ron and I have enjoyed a working relationship for a number of years now.  I have been able to rely on him for creative thinking with a calming approach on behalf of my needs.  He is particularly bright and resourceful and has always dealt with integrity.  And I am pleased to say, he has always brought about the necessary results.  I can recommend Ron highly in his role as realtor.  He's a pleasure to work with.

Lewis Altman - USAF

Thank you for making our move into our first home a wonderful experience.  I was amazed at how well the home purchasing process went.  I never dreamed I could start and finish the home purchasing process within a one-month period.  I take notice of your professional manner throughout the process as well as your ability to work with others to solve problems and concerns.  You were very knowledgeable about real estate issues and when you did not know the answer, you knew whom to contact to get the answers quickly.  I was also impressed with your after-sale support. 
While only a few issues came up after the sale, your support in resolving these issues was greatly appreciated.

Mr and Mrs Jackson - local retail owner


We did have our ups and downs in looking for and buying our house.  You never let up and were there whenever we called.  You kept in touch several times a week giving us new listings to see and finally we found a nice home which we purchased. So with your perserverance we now have a lovely home which we are enjoying very much.

Thanks Ron.  We would and will recommend you to our friends or strangers for their realty needs.
Mr Jackson

Terri Bradley Kilpatrick - Bookkeeper

Ron has been great to work with in the selling of my home.  He told me what he would do for me and he did it!  He sold my house for more than I thought would be possible and he kept his word in what he said he would do for me.

It seems like in today's world and time it is hard to find someone who keeps their word and looks out for the clients best interest  - but not with Ron Armstrong!  He is truly honest and a great agent to work with.

Don and Nancy Dunn

We found Ron to be extremely professional, accessible, and down to earth too.   We always felt we were dealilng with an honest, realistic individual that had everyones best interest at heart.  Ron made good suggestions about marketing the property which got responses and showings.   We would highly recommend Ron to acquaintences and relatives who are looking to buy or sell property should the opportunity arise.  All in all, this process was a pleasant experience due to Ron's expertise and professionalism.

Thanks for everything Ron,
Nancy and Don

K. Horne - Social Worker

Ron was able to help me hone down and clarify the types of properties that I could afford and were best suited to me.  He did a tremendous job working with me long distance by corresponding regularly with me via email.  He knew the area that I was searching in my home search (Madison County) because he had lived there in the past.  He was able to give me alot of the ins & outs of the area.

Brian McKeown - Admissions counselor

Sale in 2 days.  From the first interaction with Keller Williams the sale of my home was seamless.  When in need of information or needed to know and didn't even know we needed to know Ron informed us.  The whole experience was great!!

Joy Eickhoff - teacher

Ron was amazing!  He exceeded my expectations in all ways.  Selling my house was one of the easiest things I've ever done with Ron's help.

Gary Ross-Reynolds

Ron worked his butt off on our behalf. He listened to and understood what we were looking for and was very efficient at focusing our house search on real possibilities, saving us both time. He has an impressive command of various neighborhoods/areas. Ron effectively guided negotiations and was attentive to our input. I don't begrudge a cent of what he earned, given his knowledge and hard work. I came away with new-found respect and appreciation for master realtors.

Todd Browne

I strongly recommend using Ron Armstrong for your realty needs. He is knowledgable, professional and helped me find and contract my dream property in 5 days. If you're serious about buying a property in North Carolina, Ron is your man.

Claudia Pine

I was very happy working with you, Ron. You were attentive & understood what I was looking for. When we finally found it, you were especially helpful for pre-closing & closing.  THANKS!

Debra and Terry Liles

Our Daughter, Emily, works as a Keller Williams agent in Cary, NC - she recommended Ron.  Our first outing was easy and productive.  Within a matter of hours, Ron took us to the perfect house.  His quick assessment of our personalities, intelligent market research and knowledge of the Asheville area made this an enjoyable experience.  Could easily adopt Ron into the family.

Paula Garrett and Donna Read

We were overwhelmed with the challenge of finding a home in Asheville.  There are so many variables and the price per square foot was more than where we had lived.  So we couldn’t afford to make a mistake.  Ron answered an inordinate number of questions, gave us honest feedback on all of the houses we considered and ultimately helped us work out the details for the purchase of a house that is ideal for us.  With all of the other transitions involved in a move, it was amazing to have a REALTOR we could trust and who was available to us.

Dr.’s Bob and Danna Park

Ron understood our needs and provided excellent information and outstanding service. We felt that we were in excellent hands throughout our buying process and appreciated his expertise and very personalized service.

Kathy Dee Zasloff

In my lifetime, I’ve never had much reason to use the services of a real estate agent and I never personally knew a person who facilitates the selling and/or buying of real estate. The only thing I knew or believed was that a real estate agent helps you sell or buy a piece of property. In the last 6 years however, I’ve made up for lost time. In January 2002 I sold my first house and began to understand what it meant to develop a relationship with a real estate agent. Later in 2002 I bought another one that fit my financial and personal criteria. Another real estate agent in my life…and when I decided to sell the home I bought in 2002, I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know you. It was a hard market to sell a house in, as there were 4 other houses for sale at the same time. Nevertheless, your work and diligence in promoting my house made a potentially difficult or challenging activity, so much easier and as the process got longer and longer, I found myself surrendering my “desires” of what I wanted out of this deal into your hands. The most exceptional experience I had though’, was when we were in the contract negotiation process. The support and guidance you gave at a challenging time was so comforting. I really don’t know how I would have made it through without your wisdom and centeredness. I believe that “we” is a key aspect here. There certainly was a “we” and it made a huge difference to me all the way along the journey. Thanks for making selling my house so graceful and easy.